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מיקסר אומנים לקריוקי TRX AUDIO MEN82FX

The mixer is a common product and not many are familiar with it according to its characteristics, but according to its appearance

Once we start working with the product, we will not understand how we managed without it. TRX AUDIO's expertise is mainly amplification products. The mixer – MEN82FX is actually a basic enhancement utility available.

a little about

TRX AUDIO MEN82FXThe mixer has 4 inputs to the microphone (with the mixer you can synchronize between several sounds), 4 PL stereo inputs,

Sound Processor with 99 effects and ability to control channel volume and synchronization.

The significant role of the mixer through effects and the ability to vary in audio, is to allow us to connect multiple speakers and sing together or talk together without side noise, the mixer is designed to refine the sound and allow the listeners to enjoy pure speech or sing. Take for example a karaoke party, the party is much more upgrad when you can sing together in two voices without getting confused with moving the microphone from one side to the other. Also, you can decide to rely on our existing products without purchasing the mixer, but do not be mistaken, once you enter or meet the mixer in your life, you will not be able to give it up, because the mixer significantly improves the quality of the party, its comfort and of course the atmosphere.

Who is it for?

Of course the mixer can be used by any person but we would recommend it to those who spend many nights in karaoke, party parties owners, DJs, professional musicians, karaoke rooms, artists, schools … And if you already have a mixer , Check that it does serve you at the level you are chasing for and always compare products before selection and according to the purpose of the product.

Technical Specifications:

Model: MEN82FX
effects (Echo …) have
channels (gross): 8 TV
channels (net): 8-channel
mono channels (Mick): 4-channel
stereo channels (PC / Organ): 4-channel
input mode: XLR + PL + RCA
USB Input: No
Transformer: External
Built-in Sound Card: No

Enter details

After we have acquired the TRX AUDIO Model – MEN82FX, we will talk a bit about what happens next. After the initial opening of the product, you will of course encounter the operating manual, power transformer and mixer itself. The mixer itself looks bright and strong, and on the other hand its small size gives us comfort in its operation and location.

The design is impressive, the buttons work regularly and smoothly, the sound dial dials are also clean and working as expected.

At the top you will find the entrances to which we have previously expanded, two more LINE IN STEREO inputs, headphone input, controller, RCA connector and two inputs – MAIN OUT and LINE OUT. RCA connection is especially common for the transfer of video composites and coordination between the mixer and the computer, despite the fact that it causes high attenuation.

The effects panel is located on the right side of the product. In order to receive information about each effect, we will need to review the operating manual or the names in the mixer. There are 99 effects. When we have already approached the product and started to "play" with which we used Genesis in the music player connection, the quality of the mixer is KBPS 320. More than one device can be connected and combined.

When using certain software and songs for mixer, it is advisable to search for high quality songs, thus maximizing the mixer's quality. In order to distinguish the quality of the mixer we recommend that you play with a different variety of genres in music, so in each mixer you can get some kind of feedback on the product and its quality.

Of course, we will recommend using a high-quality microphone . Take a TV screen that can transmit 4K and we will play a 480p film. To get the full product, use the appropriate products.

In conclusion

Unlike its complicated appearance, the mixer is very versatile and simple to operate. The main point of the above is to allow us to have a pleasant and comfortable karaoke experience, and of course to control the sound equalizer. As always, TRX AUDIO surprises us with the high level of products (always rising) and the user convenience.

The sound is clean and smooth, there are no sounds and buzzing that are very common in Karaoke, interesting connections in the model in question, 99 different effects that each hypnotizes in its own way. Its price compared to similar products of similar quality is inexpensive and suitable for every pocket. At the end of the day, the product is excellent and simple to operate.